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Each Cool City and aspiring Cool Cities with citizens working to make their city "cool" has city profile on this web site. The profile tells you who to contact to get involved, announcements of events and other key information about what is happening there.

The city profile also includes milestones showing the key steps the city has taken such as whether a citizen team has formed, the mayor has signed the Mayors' Climate Change Agreement or implemented steps to meet the goals. Help make sure we move your city from red to blue on your thermometer!

To find your city, either use the map on the home page and click a city in your state or use the list on the upper right of the page to select your state. You'll see your state, then check the list for your city and click on it. If your city isn't there then maybe there isn't a team there yet. You can start it!

Want to become a lead? Register on the site and contact the Cool Cities Coordinator at!

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ICLEI Clean Air and Climate Protection Software Demo Video

View the short video


Counties are stepping up to stop global warming.

Learn more about Cool Counties here.

The Blue-Green Alliance, the partnership of the Sierra Club and the United Steelworkers, has commissioned a series of new reports highlighting the economic opportunities that could come from a serious investment in renewable energy.

Job creation potential of renewable energy

Alameda County wants California to be the first 100% Cool County State.

Read more about Alameda County's Cool Challenge to all counties in CA

Taking city planning to the next level - A new California bill aims to have city planning incorporate land use and regional planning strategies that reduce global warming.

Read about how California is using land use and regional planning to tackle Global Warming

What are other cities doing and how do they get it done? Find out here on the website.

Climate Action Plans: What cities are doing about the climate crisis

Click below to find out everything you need to know about the US Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement! What is it, who has signed it, sample plans, and more.

US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement

Students across the country are changing their campuses- and the country.

Student Sierra Club- The Climate Campaign