Redwood City, CA

Mayor: Rosanne Foust

Date of Adoption:

Primary Contact:
Rick Nordensten
Frank Schwartz

Why My City is Cool

Redwood City is a very progressive city located on the San Francisco Peninsula. They have already taken many steps to becoming cool such as the installation of LED traffic signals, using hybrids in their fleet, and supporting a healthy urban forest. With the Mayor's Agreement signed, Redwood City will investigate actions aimed not only at further reducing its own carbon emissions, but also at helping the community at-large to do their part at the household and neighborhood level.

If you'd like to join the Redwood City Cool Cities Team or get more information on our activities, please contact Rick or Frank.

Get Involved with Cool Cities

Milestones Completed (about)

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Milestone 1: Establish Campaign COMPLETE
  • Convene a Cool Cities campaign team of 3-7 activist volunteers
  • Write a city profile on the Cool Cities website
Milestone 2: Engage The Community COMPLETE
  • Create a Campaign Plan
  • Give a Cool Cities presentation to at least three local community groups
  • Send a formal letter to Mayor, co-signed by 2+ partner community groups requesting the mayor to sign
Milestone 3: City Signs Agreement COMPLETE
  • Municipality makes formal commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (US: Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement or Cool Counties Agreement. Canada: Canadian Partners for Climate Protection)
Milestone 4: Initial Solution Steps IN PROGRESS
  • City establishes committee to create local climate action plan
  • City initiates early implementation actions (e.g. energy efficient light bulbs at city offices)
  • City performs an audit of city operations
Milestone 5: Advanced Smart Energy Solutions IN PROGRESS
  • City performs community-wide "global warming audit"
News & Announcements

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