Green Building Resources for Local Governments

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Green Building Resources for Local Governments

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Green Buildings

The GHG emissions produced by the energy and electricity consumption of buildings is typically the largest portion of a community or local government's carbon footprint. Once a GHG inventory is completed local governments find that GHG emissions from buildings account for around 40% of the totals emissions. Buildings consume around 71% of all electricity produced in the US. Imagine what an impact your community could have on electricity demand in this country if your community were composed of green buildings, which save an average of 30% in energy consumption.

Working with your community to make buildings more energy efficient and better designed is not only one of the most significant ways to reduce emissions, but also creates indoor spaces that are a more pleasing, healthy, and productive environments. Green buildings address all areas of sustainability. Water use and waste output are significantly reduced and the payback period for building green is generally only 12-24 months, with dramatic operational cost savings thereafter.

Connect with your local US Green Building Council (USGBC) chapter and work together!
One of the best ways you can begin to learn more about building green and promoting green buildings in your community is to connect with the local US Green Building Council Chapter: Find Your Local USGBC Chapter

Some of the tools and resources below were mentioned on the Cool Cities Green Building call. EPA's Energy Star is also program that can help you at the local level to promote greener buildings. Visit the forum topic on Energy Star to learn more.

This Green Building forum topic will be continually updated with information that will help you promote and implement green buildings in your community.

Cool Cities Green Building Call Presentation by Jason Hartke of USGBC

U.S. Green Building Council Research Presentations

U.S. Green Building Council - Tool Kit for State and Local Governments

LEED incentives in counties, cities, & towns: Local Government Example Ordinances, Resolutions, and Programs

Green Playbook: Resources on Green Buildings, Neighborhoods, and Infrastructure

2030 Challenge - Carbon Neutral buildings by the year 2030

Green Rating for Buildings - Government Handbook

How do we pay for these initiatives or encourage communities to build green?

Tax credits for Energy Efficiency through EPA's EnergyStar

Funding for Green Building Initiatives at all levels of Government

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